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You can have a chat with your fellow DonD Fan friends. Just a reminder: Please dont post offensive or foul, malicious words in the ShoutBox, please be responsible on what your are posting.

June 1, 2006 is the official launching date of, a Deal or No Deal site intended for Deal or No Deal fans all over the world. This site features latest news and latest blogs about Deal or No Deal. You can also view some DOND game related information such as Gameplay, the game's history and many more. We have also added some DOND game simulations for you to feel the Deal!

A General Discussion board is featured in this site, wherein you can join forums as well as post new topic, or reply to topic related to DOND. Shoutbox, that is, is also featured in this site, where DOND Fans can have quick talk and get along with one another.

If you have any suggestions or comments, for the improvement of this site please feel free to write to the webmaster.

For now, we hope that you will enjoy staying in this site!

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